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“Developing, Nurturing and Mentoring Pianists”

Piano Lessons For children and adults

Children and Teens

Individual lessons from 5 years including playing and theory


Lessons for beginners or if you have played before.

Online Lessons

Learn from anywhere online with a platform designed for music teaching.
I believe music helps build confidence and skills that transfer to other aspects of our lives keeping the brain stimulated. It also helps us to relax.
My goal is to create enjoyable lessons which develop and nurture pianists' skills and musical understanding so they can play music they enjoy.

Teaching Philosophy

  • To encourage and support lifelong learning and enjoyment of playing the piano, from school aged children through to the elderly. This includes playing and learning music for enjoyment, or other goals.
  • Teaching pianists to read notation, understand chords and rhythm, and to apply theoretical learning to be able to play classical or popular music styles.
  • Playing with a healthy technique, developing a practice technique as well as individual goal setting.
  • Providing different ways and experiences to learn with a
    variety of technology and resources.
  • To create a studio community to support and to become inspired by each other.
  • Having opportunities to learn to perform, opportunities to share music with the wider Upper Hutt community, a parent programme, sharing successes, watching professional performances together and creating opportunities for adult students playing/social
Relaxed & Friendly

One To One

All lessons are individual lessons and can be classical as well as chords and popular.


Explore classical composers and living composers


Learn Chords, how to read a lead sheet, how to improvise

Music Theory and Composition

Learn to read and understand how it works music and to write music if you’re keen

Performance Opportunities

Studio-wide events including performances to families and friends, a virtual performance,
events specifically for adult pianists, and playing in the community.  NCEA Performance studies.

The Wellington Branch of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers holds events and festivals too.

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“Thanks Karen Boyce Music for all you do to support Thomas with his lessons and letting him learn in his own way with patterns and his amazing memory. We can definitely hear his progress and see his confidence growing. We are super proud of this achievement.”
“Karen is a fantastic teacher, so patient and encouraging, and always coming up with ways to make learning a positive and fun experience.”
Kristen B
Google Review
“Both my daughters highly rate Karen and her teaching style. Her approach is very refreshing and is always open to teaching different genre's of music even though she has a strong classical background...from BTS and Khalid to Stevie Wonder and Elton John. Her knowledge, patience and skills on the keys always made my daughters come out of their lesson with a smile..”
Facebook Review
“I can highly recommend Karen. She is kind and very patient. She took our daughter at a very young age when other teachers showed us away and the progress is quite amazing! Thank you Karen! Brend”
Google Review
“So good at what she does!! Beautiful calm style of teaching.”
Cringe Cousins
Google Review
“Dear Karen
Thank you for being my teacher. I have really enjoyed you being my teacher. Even though sometimes I thought I couldn’t do it you encouraged me to and told me I could. Thank you so much you’re a special teacher”
Long Term Former Student
" Just wanted to say a massive thank you for being my piano teacher and helping me learn an instrument which was and still is a huge accomplishment for me! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and learning to play a number of songs.Thanks for always being kind and patient"
Former Adult Student

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