“Kids excel in different activities- academics, sports, dance, martial arts. These are all places where children and parents feel real pressures of competition. Piano is so much different to that. Lessons give an incredible boost of self-confidence to children”  Daniel Patterson

Your child/teen will learn to play the piano and read music at their own pace and will be taught how their instrument works, correct posture and technique, how to read music, about rhythms and music theory.


They will also be active in choosing the music they want to learn to play once we have completed some initial tutor books to get them started.


I work individual lesson plans for each student using traditional and modern teaching methods including games and activities.

Students can take part in practice challenges, select pieces for a completion challenge, work towards exams in theory or playing and compose their own pieces.


Fundamentals covered for beginners

  1. Music Reading. Being able to read music is one of the most basic skills a pianist must learn. It is very logical and stays with a musician for life.
  2. Rhythm. Being able to read, play and count rhythm is a critical skill in learning to play any musical instrument. It is basically counting and there are logical patterns.
  3. Aural Training. Developing a musical ear and listening is another key skill musicians use every day.
  4. Composing/Creating music and how sounds work together.
  5. Effective and fun practice. Every musician needs to spend time at their instrument to improve but it needs to be fun. I can assist with practice methods and also include new technology to make it fun!