Piano Lessons for Adults

About a third of my students are adults. Some are pianists began playing with me and many who had lessons while they were at school and are picking up piano after some time. Some were self taught, some play by ear, some have played other instruments.

We set individual goals and work on music they love – classical or chords /chord styling and add in theory and technical work too.

We try to get together a couple of times a year for A Night at the Piano- some supper and drinks and perform for each other in a relaxed home environment. These evenings are open to all adult students with no pressure to perform. We sometimes go to concerts together and also explore works for our events,  play duets and look at new composers and different styles of music and technique to play it.

Adult pianists work on the pieces they choose and can do a mixture of classical and chords/improvisation.

Being an Adult Student

If you’ve played before it does take some time for note reading and coordination to return but it’s a lovely journey and you’ll be surprised how some things that you haven’t thought about for a long time are still there and you still know them!

It is different learning as an adult with other pressures (such as family, time and other commitments). I work with my students to get the most out of the lesson experience and to enjoy the process.

New students have method books and there is never any pressure to perform/

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