I teach classical to pop, and for the pop students (although not exclusively) improvisation and chord forming to be able to play from a lead sheet or a score.

I work with the Trinity College of Music syllabus for scales, arpeggios, general musicianship, listening skills and music theory concepts- but not exclusively. Having experience with different repertoire and styles is important to me.  I use the music that is being learnt as the platform to discuss the theory or technical aspect in detail.

I encourage creativity with my students- some improvisation, hearing, composing if they are keen and exploring different musical styles. With lots technology and tools available, there are plenty of tools to really add to music making enjoyment. In lessons I use backing tracks , and board or device games/strategies for those that enjoy them. I also set challenges with prizes.

Duet and trio playing is something I enjoy teaching  and introduce right from the beginning.

All lessons are individual.  I like to develop well rounded musicians –  playing, talking through how the music is written, what playing technique to use, dynamics ( louds and softs), listening to the sound being created by using technology and introducing fun ways to vary the learning experience.

After each lesson my students receive a follow-up email with progress, comments and things to work on for the next lesson (or a work-plan in their notebooks)

I continually provide feedback on progress and encourage my students to record their progress as they learn a piece and to share their music with their family and friends.